Door entry systems

Door Entry Systems

Many areas of educational sites, homes, flats and businesses are now taking the safety of their occupants seriously by restricting access to unauthorised persons with a door entry system.


We have been providing reliable and secure door entry systems to commercial and domestic customers for over 20 years. Door entry and access control provide property owners with the reassurance that they can control  the movement of people in and around their premises.


Advantages include:


  • Tighter Security – with no need to re-issue keys or change locks.
  • Cheaper Insurance – because there is less likelihood of your property being targeted by thieves.
  • Greater Control – grant access to areas such as the main entrance but not to other internal doors.

A wide range of door entry control equipment is available from the basic numerical keypad or remote audio and video intercom to the now more advanced keyless access control such as fingerprint readers. Large business systems are catered for under a key fob system. Gated remote access control is also provided.


Door entry system features:


  • Increased security, keeping out unwanted visitors
  • PC Monitored and recorded
  • Full access control
  • Monitored access traffic
  • Easy to use systems
  • Maintenance contracts available